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Abridge Lab.

Together with engineers across the world, we thrive to create world-class products and IT systems by applying new technologies.

Abridge Lab.

This website features our Research & Development centre in Osaka, where we run joint projects with company and organizations.



Activities in Japan



Activities in Myanmar



Activities in Estonia



Activities in Vietnam

iOS(iPhone/iPad) apps development

iOS (iPhone/iPad) Apps Development

We develop Apps for iPhone & iPad as well as for Mac PCs (iMac, MacBook ...etc). Contact us for more.

Android app development

Android Apps Development

We develop Apps with capabilities such as Voice recognition, Map (GPS), Google API, Barcode reader. Contact us for more.

AR, VR, MR apps development

AR, VR, MR Apps Development

Not just for games, we apply Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) to develop business applications.

3D data production

3D Data Production

Using high spec computer, we provide 3D modeling, material setting, texture and animation creation. For digital contents creation for AR and VR or HoloLens, please contact for more.

Abridge Lab.

Wearable Technology Product Development

We develop systems based on wearable devices such as EPSON’s Smart Glasses, MOVERIO BT-300, and Microsoft HoloLens. Go Wearable and lessen manual work for work efficiency

Web system development

Web System Development

We provide various services such as building Web server, system development, web design, managing web marketing, CMS for product search & ordering, Customer management system, eCommerce website and Access log analysis.


Web Application Service



'BookBridge' is a smartphone app which downloads entire content automatically just by scanning a cover page of a brochure.

Manual assist

'Manual assist'

'Manual assist' on a wearable device or a tablet provides operational instruction to workers anytime without requiring network connection.

AI CAtalogue

AI Catalogue

Pricy cost of printing comprises of printing plates, printing, binding, delivery and stock management. 'AI Catalogue' might be a better alternative.


Portfolio for promotional materials and product demonstration


Displaying content in a box with AR


AR Sumilation


HoloLens Development Portofolio


3D Model (CG) Production

Myanmar team

We strive to develop new products, matching with the latest trend. Contact us for more.

IoT Engineer

IoT Development

Object-C, Java, C#, Python

IoT Engineer

  • Embedded system / sensor development
  • Network connection
  • Wearable product development

IoT Developer

Web Engineer

Web system development

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, IIS, CMS, WordPress, EC, AWS, WebRTC

Web Engineer

  • LAMP development environment setup
  • Framework development
  • Open source development

Web Developer

AI & Apps development

AI·Apps Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SEO, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

AI/App Engineer

  • AI deep machine learning
  • iOS/Android Native apps development
  • Unity Development

AI/Application Developer

CG/Graphic designer

Contents production

3ds Max, Maya, LBlender, Zbrush, Adobe Premiere Pro

CG/Graphic creator

  • 3D modeling
  • 3ds Max、Maya
  • Shooting and Graphic production

CG designer

FROBO Myanmar Co., Ltd.

Our office is in Yangon, Myanmar

Contact us today for any inquiries.
Our account manager will reach you out by email or phone.

  • FROBO Myanmar Co., Ltd.
    No. (15/17), Room (7-B), Insein Road, Hledan Junction, Kamayut Township, Yangon, Myanmar.


Our office is Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa


  • 東京 TEL:03-6271-5585
    〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山1-21-11
  • 大阪 TEL:06-6147-9272
    〒541-0056 大阪市中央区久太郎町3-1-6 伊藤佑ビル大阪本町6階D-4
  • 沖縄 TEL:098-943-6596
    〒900-0006 沖縄県那覇市おもろまち4-6-6 前原ビル2F