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Below video demonstrates how our AR 360° catalogue works. By holding a smartphone camera over a product picture in a catalogue, a 3D image of the product pops up. An appealing marketing presentation can be made by using this app on an iPhone, Android or tablet PCs, instead of a paper catalogue.

What's more, you can zoom, rotate and move the 3D object to take a closer look from any angles. You can place not only CG but also photos and videos onto real environment. In this demo, we present a typical use of the app for business.

Before visiting your customer, install the app on your mobile device. Unlike PC based demo, your customers do not need any preparation.

AR(Augmented Reality) is a technology to overlay digital contents such as photos, movies and CG, on top of real-world environment.
AR is a technology which has been applied in various fields from entertainment gaming where AR makes use of positioning data, to business systems.

Common use cases for business are calling and displaying digital contents when user reach to a specific location, or when an AR marker on flat visuals (i.e. signboard, poster, company brochure or flyer) is recognized by using a camera. Following technical advancement of GPS sensor and visual recognition, accuracy of object recognition has been improving lately.
Various type of digital contents can be projected by using smartphone, tablet, smartglass and any other devices with GPS and camera feature.

Digital contents can be stored either on a smartphone or on a remote server. As per selection of platform, we often work with Vuforia which library can be used in Unity as well.

Often we are asked what the differences between AR, VR and MR are.
VR(Virtual Reality) is an entirely computer-simulated reality.
MR (Mixed Reality) is beyond VR, which integrates real world and computer-generated virtual world. Microsoft Hololenz is an example.

So, how it evolves in the future? We may be able to replace physical objects with virtual ones except for irreplaceable things like food and clothes.


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