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3D Model Production and Demo


Today, many industries such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Construction and Gaming conduct 3D model production. Well-known 3D production software are Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk and Maya. Demand for 3D modeling for AR and VR is getting increased these days.

In order to use 3D data for software development, files need to be converted to .FBX or .OBJ format, then transfer to Unity development environment.

3D model production takes 3 steps. Drawing, modeling and texturing. First prepare 2D drawings or photo images taken from different angles from top to bottom, left to right and front to rear, then add a texture. To add motion to 3D, create a skeleton first, then insert animation script.

Quality of the 3D modeling can be improved by the amount of time spent. The more, the better. Same can be said for animation production. Smooth animation depends on skeleton details and number of configurations.

3D model production samples Texture production samples
23.2MB / 566857 polygons Lead time: 5 days
ARのデモ ARのデモ
35.3MB / 808606 polygons 5 days
ARのデモ ARのデモ
5.73MB / 11728 polygons 2 days
ARのデモ ARのデモ
1.79MB / 256784 polygons 2 days
ARのデモ ARのデモ
8.80MB / 59934 polygons 2 days
ARのデモ ARのデモ
6.54MB / 81592 polygons 10 days
ARのデモ ARのデモ
34.6MB / 741736 polygons 10 days
ARのデモ ARのデモ

3D model production specifically for smartphone with lower polygon count and file size should be a trend. Also, 3D data reuse for multiple devices including VR HMD (Head-Mounted Display), Microsoft HoloLenz and 3D printers would be a common practice.


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